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Of course it is possible to drive most vehicles yourself from England to Germany – apart from the passage across the English Channel. However there are lots of reasons why it is worth contracting us to transport your vehicle from England to Germany for you. Thanks to our years of experience as a specialised haulage company, we are pretty sure we know everything there is to know: One of the most frequent reasons is the attractive exchange rate for the British pound making the purchase of new or used cars attractive for us.

Also, there are more and more collectors of veteran or vintage cars or historical vehicles and tractors who commission us to transport their new "treasure" from England to Germany. Other reasons to transport vehicles from England to Germany are exhibitions, trade fairs, car races or films.

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Whatever the reason: Car-Port is the right partner to transport your vehicle from England to Germany. Profit from our years of experience and make use of our all-round service - from the planning through taking care of the formalities right up to and including delivery to your door, or garage. And all this for much less than you perhaps think. Why not take us by our word and ask us to send you a quote. Just send an e-mail or call us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We provide our customers with a service that comprises collection, safe transportation and delivery to the designated destination.