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Transportation of your vehicle in a covered transporter Europe-wide

Discreetly and safely - that is how we transport your vehicle. If you desire, we handle the transport of your vintage vehicle or sports car in a covered car transporter Europe-wide. This way, you can ensure that your favourite car is shielded from prying eyes and external influences.

From Spain to Hungary - from Sweden to Italy. Wherever you go, you can take your car with you. We deliver it to you at any address in all of Europe and naturally pick it up from anywhere as well. Use your car any time, anywhere. Whether on holiday, on a business trip or during a move to another European country: Your car is already there.

A prestigious business trip with your own car

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In this way, you enjoy your work abroad and are still mobile at any time. Imagine: You get off the plane but don't take a taxi to the hotel. Instead, you climb comfortably inside your own sports car or your limousine. You will be significantly more flexible and not dependent on taxis, especially for your prestigious business appointments.

Discreetly and safely

that is how we transport your vehicle

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Safe and fast deliver

If your holiday baggage doesn’t fit in your Lamborghini

Even if you understandably don‘t want to drive your sports car thousands of kilometres to a resort, you don't have to do without it while you're on holiday. Don't worry: We transport your vehicle on a covered transporter to the destination of your choice Europe-wide. And then naturally collect it at that location. You discover distant places with your own car.

We handle secure transport to the vintage car rally

If you have a vintage car of your own, you probably guard it zealously. So you will be all the happier when we transport it with at least as much care. Travel to the next vintage car rally or show in your regular car. You won't have to worry about your precious vehicle at all. We transport your Ford Model T, your Bugatti 57C, or even your Harley-Davidson Knucklehead right through Europe and back again, protected against wind and weather, safe from envious looks and above all better shielded from possible accidents.

Your move abroad - we bring your car along

A move within Europe for professional or personal reasons is no longer a rarity today. Anyone hoping to advance in a business or looking for personal happiness in another European country is generally flexible and not bound to a particular place. But before you start travelling in your car across several national borders to your new home, choose the safer and more comfortable solution: We handle the transportation of your vehicle reliably and securely in a covered transporter.

The advantages of transporting your car in a covered transporter

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There are things that are just not intended for the public. We consider discretion and reliability to be a matter of course. We don't tell anyone what you are driving. Or where you are driving it. We are the capable partner who transports your vehicle to the destination of your choice in Europe, protected against wind, weather and prying eyes. In the meantime, you travel by plane or rail and later take delivery of your sports car, vintage vehicle or limousine from us. Let us advise you without any obligation. We look forward to your telephone call or e-mail.

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We provide our customers with a service that comprises collection, safe transportation and delivery to the designated destination.